Conveyancing Step by Step guide

Step by Step guide:

  1. You pay Booking Deposit to Auctioneer and provide our contact details to Auctioneer and Bank (where Mortgage).
  2. Solicitor receives sale note from Auctioneer.
  3. Solicitor sends letter to the Vendor’s Solicitor requesting contracts and title.
  4. Letter received from Vendor’s Solicitor with contracts and title.
  5. Solicitor reviews contracts and title and notes any issues on title.
  6. Solicitor sends pre-contract enquiries and Contract amendments to Vendor’s Solicitor.
  7. Solicitor receives replies regarding pre-contract enquiries from Vendor’s Solicitor and ensures all title is in order before allowing you to sign binding contracts.
  8. Solicitor receives mortgage pack from Bank, if applicable.
  9. Solicitor completes mortgage pack on your behalf.
  10. You attend office of Solicitor to sign contract and mortgage documents. You must bring in a cheque for the balance of the deposit and the cost of the purchase at this stage together with your I.D. and a letter confirming your address.
  11. Solicitor sends contracts in duplicate to the Vendor’s Solicitor with balance deposit.
  12. Solicitor sends mortgage documentation back to the Bank.
  13. Solicitor receives signed Contract back from the Vendor’s Solicitor.
  14. You are in a binding contract at this stage. You should have Insurance over the house from this point on.
  15. Solicitor sends Objections and Requisitions on title together with Schedule of Closing documents and draft Deed to the Vendor’s Solicitor.
  16. Solicitor receives replies from the Vendor’s Solicitor regarding Objections and Requisitions and reviews same.
  17. Solicitor sends letter to the Vendor’s Solicitor arranging closing.
  18. Solicitor draws down funds from the Bank.
  19. Solicitor orders Searches on vendors and title.
  20. Solicitor receives response regarding said searches from Vendor’s Solicitor.
  21. Solicitor attends meeting at the Vendor’s Solicitor’s office for closing.
  22. You are the new owner from this point.
  23. Solicitor arranges with you to pick up keys.
  24. Solicitor arranges meeting with you to sign Deed and furnish Invoice for work.
  25. Solicitor ensures the Deed is Stamped.
  26. Solicitor registers the Deed and the mortgage with the PRA (Property Registration Authority) officially putting the property in your name.
  27. Solicitor receives the Discharge of the Mortgage and any other undertakings.
  28. Solicitor receives confirmation of registration back from PRA.
  29. You will receive a copy of your new Folio showing you as owner from us at this stage.
  30. Solicitor sends certified title to the Bank.
  31. Solicitor receives release or discharge of undertaking from the Bank.
  32. Solicitor reviews file before closing and putting in storage.